Need for a leader

Need for a leader

Public demand

Mud-slinging actor in Parliament, bhashanwala at rallies, designer dude at social gatherings or a plain satyagrahi… How do you want your neta to be? With the election fever rising in the City, Metrolife enquires Delhiites about their choice of an ideal political leader.

Research analyst A Subbulakshmi says, “I want a political leader who is action oriented, intelligent and able to find solutions rather than running away from problems. And most importantly, he should be a person who is able to shoulder responsibility as well.”

The idealism is left behind when one takes into consideration the present scenario of corruption. But then this idealism comes from reel life and that is how many connect to politics. Prateek Dewan, an engineering student says, “I want my political leader to be someone like Anil Kapoor’s character in the movie Nayak. He should be fit both mentally and physically to counter any situation and not just depend on his security guards for protection.”

Some feel that the need for a “good” political leader is the need of the hour. Kritika Sharma, a graphic designer says, “I do not want to think about how my ideal leader should be. There is not a single honest person who crosses my mind.” And does she vote? “Yes. I cast my vote every time but the irony is that I often do not know the name of the contender,” she says.

 “A leader must understand the needs of his people and try to provide them with opportunities to fulfill their requirements. He should be approachable and an active member of the society who works towards its growth and development,” says a practicing psychologist Garima Kinra. “A good leader in my opinion should not politicise with people for his personal and professional gains,” she adds.

And even a celebrity like sarod player Ayaan Ali Khan is concerned about the country’s dire need for a good political leader who can bring a change in the country.

He says, “Like every Indian, I too want to see an India that is free of poverty and corruption. I know it will take a lot to achieve this but we as a nation can only trust our leaders and the various political parties. I hope that every person has a passion to make a better India just like Gandhi.”