Joginder stars for Combined

Joginder stars for Combined

Polo: BTC Trophy

Hot Chase: Artillery’s Ramesh Singh (right) and RVC’s Sandeep Kashyap fight for possession in the BTC Trophy polo tournament in Bangalore on Thursday. DH Photo

Artillery and PBG held a half goal advantage even before the start of the match thanks to their handicap. Overcast conditions and a dusty ground made visibility a major concern but Artillery’s Shekhawat, skipper of PBG, stuck to an aggressive method and knocked home the first goal.

Shekhawat scored the second goal as well within the next minute when he converted a penalty which was awarded to them as one of the RVC men came in the line of the ball.
RVC’s first goal came courtesy a 60-yard penalty — resultant from a rough tackle from Combined — that was converted by their captain Sandeep Kashyap.

At end of the first chakker, the skies opened up, stalling the play for 45 minutes.
Upon resumption, RVC took control of proceedings but the slushy ground conditions hampered their attempts to narrow down the deficit. The Combined team, on the other hand, made no mistake in slotting home the goals when they had the chances.

Narwal ran down the left and tapped the ball in to give the combined team a 3.5-1 lead while Shekhawat powered in a spot-shot to extend the lead at the end of the second chakker.

In the third chakker, Shekhawat converted a 30-yard penalty while Ramesh made an amazing run from the half-line to score the sixth goal for his team. Gnaneshwar scored his first to give the Combined a 7.5-1 lead.

Kashyap scored the second goal for RVC at the start of the fourth and final chakker but Shekhawat continued to dominate the field. He converted a 60-yard penalty and added a blistering goal nearly 90-yards out to take the match away from the grasp of opponents.
Ramesh scored another seconds before close to seal the match for the Combined team.

The second match between Army Service Corps and Navy was called off due to bad light and will be played on Friday.

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