60 acre forest stretch reduced to ashes

60 acre forest stretch reduced to ashes


The fire that began to engulf the Biligiri Ranganatha Swamy reserve forest area was brought under control on Monday after the flames destroyed everything in their way, across a stretch of 60 acres. 

The fire was first noticed on Sunday, on the top portion of the hill, paving way for strong premise that this was man made and not a natural one, as per forest department officials. 

Forest fire had spread across Krishnaiana Katte, Bellatta, Manjigundipodu, Havarani Gudda, Malkibetta, Hosa Podu and Muratipalya. Over 200 staffers struggled to extinguish the flames. A team comprising 20 people has been formed as a precautionary measure.

A strict vigil has been maintained inside the forest and confidence building measures are underway with Girijans living in different settlements. Miscreants are being observed closely. 


In addition to the existing vehicles, a jeep from K Gudi’s Jungle Lodges will also be used in case of fire emergencies. Lantana is said to be the main culprit which acts as the fuel to the fire.

Owing to summer, the Lantana plants have dried up and even a small fire can develop into big flames, within no time. 

“Forest fire has now been contained. At the outset, we have strong reasons to believe that this is man-made and some miscreants have started it. Action will be taken against those who were responsible for this, after the investigations are over,” said BRT Tiger Reserve Forest Conservator and director Mohan Raj.