Farming affected by shortage of labourers

The main crop in the taluk, Ragi, has not been sown uniformly across the district. The crop sown earlier did not sprout as rains made a disappearance act after sowing. However, scanty rains in the next few days resulted in sprouting in some parts. Farmer women were seen engaged in clearing the agricultural fields of weeds while some were found planting the sprout.

The recent unexpected rains have provided an impetus to the agricultural activities. Consequently, there has been a great demand for agricultural labourers, particularly for de-weeding. However, the supply is short of demand. Majority of the agricultural labourers are themselves farmers and are engaged in working at their fields. Few have attempted to bring labourers from far off places by paying higher wages.

Employment guarantee
In addition, majority of agricultural labourers have enrolled themselves under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. This too has added for shortage of agricultural labourers.

In spite of cloudy weather, the areas near Andhra Pradesh border have not received sufficient rains. The groundnut sown in these parts of the taluk  is now withering away for want of rains.

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