Asia's first vascular robotic surgery

In what could be termed a path-breaking innovation, Sir Ganga Ram hospital performed Asia's first robotic vascular surgery.

Experts claim that the use of the robot for mending blood vessels – including treating blockages – will usher in high-level of precision, unlike the traditional open surgeries which generally leave behind big scars.

“We conducted four robotic vascular surgeries in April. It is for the first time in Asia that such a surgery has been performed,” said Dr Arvind Kumar, director, Institute of Robotic Surgery (IRS).

The recovery time for robotic surgeries is few hours compared to days in open surgery.
The current cost of robotic surgery is Rs 65,000, which is higher than other forms of surgeries. But doctors at SGRH assure to work on cost reduction.

“It is not just the initial investment but the recurring cost is high too. The software installed in the robot allows the use of attached instruments only 10 times. Thereafter new instruments have to be used. We are negotiating with the company so that the price would be reduced,” said Dr Kumar.

With the help of institutes like council of scientific and industrial research, IRS is planning to conduct research to have cost-effective improvement in existing technology, he added.
The hospital has conducted over 30 surgeries using the da Vinci Robot that cost Rs 10 crore.

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