India is amazing

India is amazing

What fascinates Janina Teresa Wisser about India is truly amazing. This German student from Netherlands has found profound love for animals among Indians that made her to develop love for India.

“We rarely see love for animals in countries like Germany and Netherlands. Meats are produced and sold in huge mass. Animals are merely a commodity to consume. I was very much surprised when I saw Indians taking care of animals. People treat animals as if they treat their kids,” she adds.

Janina has come down to Manipal to study public health course. “I only heard about the hospitality offered in India. Currently, I am undergoing all those warm experiences. I am happy to be here and more excited in the new place that is giving me plenty of knowledge”.

Although she is impressed with the quality of teaching and expenses incurred to take up the study course, Janina rues that teachers in India are looked upon with high esteem.

“We are adults and we should be given the rights to condemn what elders do in case if we don’t like, despite the status they hold. I saw many Indian students respecting their teachers. Is it necessary that one should shut his mouth even after seeing people committing mistakes for only reason that they are elders? she questions and adds one should be allowed to come out with the opinion of their own.

“We should be allowed to criticize when something goes wrong. We should mug-up what teachers tell and learning here is confined to certain limits. However, the quality of education is good,” she praises. Janina always dreamt of being independent and staying away from home to pursue her dreams. “It gives you more opportunities to learn. Many children in Germany and Netherlands come out from homes and become independent once they finish their schooling. Here boys are more outgoing and girls are shy in nature,” she opines.

Janina has visited Bangalore and she feels Bangaloreans have a busy life unlike people in other places in India.

Being a vegetarian, Janina had no problems with the spicy food over here. 

She likes all varieties of dosas, besides “aloo masala” being her favorite dish. “Indian dresses are cute and give an elegant look to the people who wear it. It makes Indian women look prettier”.

Stating that India and its diverse culture is a unique experience to get acquainted with, Janina tells, “I would ask my friends to come at least once to India to know about India and its rich heritage and cultural tradition which is worth learning,” she signs off.

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