Ragdoll A scene from the film 9.

The film 9 is set somewhere in the terminator age, a time where machines roam freely and terrorise a band of ragdoll-like beings.
Created by a scientist with a mission to fulfil, ragkind 9 (Elijah Wood), after seeing one of his kind, 2 (Martin Landau) abducted by the machines, teams up with the remaining ragdolls to protect their own kind.

With more attacks from the machines they must fight together as one unit putting aside their differences.
Director Acker has got that amazing touch and he injects visually superior animation settings.

The details given to each line in the frames from the huge zippers to buttons of the ragdolls are simply awesome. There are so many ‘gasp’ turns and moments.
In this sense 9 stands tall in thematic presentation but it’s a bit short on the plot.
Other characters like the lovely 7 (Jennifer Connelly) and 5 (John C. Reilly) could have been given more screen space.

The plot may be teeny-weeny but 9 ‘s overwhelming focus on bravery, brotherhood and self sacrifice with its impressive animation works create a whole new world which is a must-see for all.