Here is a gem of an auto driver

Here is a gem of an auto driver

Here is a gem of an auto driver

In a show of integrity in the days of increased greed, an auto driver has returned jewels worth Rs 3.5 lakh to the owner, who had forgotten them in a bag, when he disembarked from the three-wheeler.

Parvez Mohammed -- a resident of AJ Block in N R Mohalla -- who is an auto driver by profession, had dropped a lady from suburban bus stand in the city to N R Mohalla.

After he finished his work day, he checked his vehicle and found a bag that was left behind by the same passenger.

Upon opening it, he found jewels worth over Rs 3.5 lakh with a diary in it.

The diary bore the name of Joyce Nalini, and had her phone number in it.

Parvez called Nalini to ensure the ownership and handed over the bag to N R Police Station.

The police in turn checked the details of the owner, and handed over the bag to Nalini.

Parvez’s honesty had left everyone dumbstuck, and Nalini’s family rewarded him with Rs 5000 in cash as a token of appreciation.