Seminar on nano-technology from today

The event will be held at R N Shetty auditorium of the college. Over 100 delegates from various colleges are expected to take part, said Principal Prof Do Ma Chandrashekhar.
From engineering to medical science, each and every field has been running behind Nanotechnology when the world is galloping with globalisation. These fields have witnessed a sea change after they got the ‘Nano’s touch.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore predicted once (popularly known as Moore’s Law) that the number of transistors on a chip will double about every two years. However, the technology has gone beyond Moore’s Law and now more powerful chips are being produced. Because of this, the analysis speed of the computer processors have also crossed terabytes.
Nanotechnology has enabled objects with smooth surface to maintain their conditions on their own. This method is used in aeroplanes.

Carbon nanotubes are going to occupy the places of silicon-based electronic units. Such tubes have the capacity of carrying more electricity. The two-day seminar will discuss a lot of interesting issues on these lines.

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