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Today's letters


They take game rules for granted
     Serena Williams lost her cool on a line decision and shouted on the line umpire in the semifinal fixture against Kim Clijsters in the ongoing US Open. Clijsters was shocked over her win though she was away from victory legally just by a point. She deserved her win over Williams. The top ranking players who are successful time and again tend to take the game rules for granted, but it is for the tournament authorities to remind such players that the game is bigger than them by awarding suitable penalties for indiscipline !.

‘Education interventionism’This is in regards to the welcome judgment by the honorable apex court in permitting the Muslim boy from Madhya Pradesh to keep his beard and continue his academics in the same institution, this is a very sad precedent by the educational institution that is intervening in the personal matters of faith and deviating from its purpose of rendering knowledge to the young minds, the educational institution are off late singling out one particular community be it a recent veil issue from Mangalore or Beard controversy from Madhya Pradesh is a awful irony on the part of education interventionism. The constitution guarantees the fundamental right for every citizen to follow religion of their choice that cannot be questioned by anyone if done so it will tantamount to the violation of once fundamental right, the educational institution need to educate students’ on rights than breach their rights nevertheless it seems that the education reforms need an expansion for the reform in institution  to the mindset of the educated guardians who have the great responsibility on them educate and enlighten students in communion than to categorized them.  However the landmark judgment is a sign of caution for the other institutions in India to restrain from its religious intrusion to protect the multicultural mosaic of our integrity in diversity and uphold the principle of comradeship and sarva dharma sambahva.
Syed KhajaRajender

Balanced approachIn deciding a recent case of marital discord filed under the Domestic Violence Act, the Bombay High Court has rightly observed that even the female relatives of the aggrieved woman can be brought to book under the existing provisions of the Act. Thus, their Lordships have interpreted the Act in a more practical and broader perspective by adopting a balanced approach towards the case.Arun Malankar 

'All is not well in Karnataka'
The recent atack on a church in Anekal appears to a 'strategy' by some opposition parties in Karnataka to bring down the BJP government. If one puts the statements issued by the Governor,some Congress leaders and the support that such statements have received from the JD(S) together,a well orchestered move can be seen to oust the Yedyurappa government. It was the Governor,Shri.H.R.Bharadwaj who first stated that 'all was not well in Karnataka' as far as law and order goes. Then this statement received immediate and wide support from the State Congress outfit.
It will be interesting to remember that Shri Veerendra Patil was removed from the CM's chair after communal violence 'broke' out in Ramanagaram. The political parties do not hesitate to use the people to settle scores.
As soon as there was an 'attack' on a church in Annekal, there was immediate reaction from the Congress leaders. This was followed by the JD(S) supremo's 'condemnation' of the attack and Shri. Deve Gowda called for the dismissal of the BJP ruled government.
This only goes to show that the frustration of the Congress and the JD(S) has reached a crescendo and these two parties are prepared to go to any extent to tarnish the image of the BJP in Karnataka. It is suggested that instead of creating communal tensions, these parties could use democratic ways of toppling the ruling government.
Kanakapura Bangalore

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