Bolt ends year with easy win

Bolt ends year with easy win

World Athletics Final: Jamaican prefers long jump to 400M

'BOLT'ZKRIEG: Usain Bolt aknowledges the crowd after his 200M win at the World Athletics Final on Sunday. AP

The 23-year-old 100 and 200 metres world and Olympic champion looked to be on course for another world record but slowed down in the final stages to finish in 19.68 seconds, 0.49 seconds slower than the mark he set at the World Championships.

"I'm just happy the season is over and that I did well and stayed injury free," Bolt told reporters. "The finish wasn't on purpose, I was a little bit tired. I was running on fumes and that was the last bit of energy I had."

Despite his achievement of eclipsing both his own 100M and 200M world records at the World Championships, Bolt pinpointed Jamaica's sprint relay win in Berlin as his highlight of 2009. "The moment that really stands out when I look back was that 4x100M relay," he said. "As a team we all really bonded and had a lot of fun. This left a great feeling for me."

In what was his last appearance of 2009, Bolt treated the sell-out crowd to more showmanship, indulging in a spot of air guitar as the theme tune of Zorba the Greek rang out over the PA system just before the race.

Bolt will now take six weeks off.  "I'm not looking forward to anything except going home and getting some sleep and relaxing to be honest," he said.

When asked if he would perhaps try to move up to the 400M or the long jump, Bolt said he would prefer the latter.

"I haven't talked with my coach or agent about what we will do next year yet. "I definitely prefer the long jump though."

Long jump world champion Dwight Phillips welcomed the challenge after finishing second behind Fabrice Lapierre of Australia. Lapierre won with a leap of 8.33 metres with Phillips managing 8.24.

"I have nothing to fear," Philips said. "I have won everything so let him (Bolt) come."

Results: Men: 200M: Usain Bolt (Jam) 19.68, 1; Wallace Spearmon (US) 20.21, 2; Brendan Christian (Antigua & Barbuda) 20.65, 3. 1500M: William Biwott Tanui (Ken) 3:35.04, 1; Leonel Manzano (US) 3:35.40, 2; Augustine Choge (Ken) 3:35.46, 3. 5000M: Imane Merga (Eth) 13:29.75, 1; Micah Kogo (Ken) 13:29.76, 2; Edwin Cheruiyot Soi (Ken) 13:29.76, 3. 110M hurdles: Ryan Brathwaite (Bar) 13.16, 1; Dexter Faulk (US) 13.26, 2; Dwight Thomas (Jam) 13.29, 3. 3000M steeplechase: Ezekiel Kemboi (Ken) 8:04.38, 1; Paul Kipsiele Koech (Ken) 8:05.47, 2; Bouabdellah Tahri (Fra) 8:09.14, 3. Long Jump: Fabrice Lapierre (Aus) 8.33, 1; Dwight Phillips (US) 8.24, 2; Khotso Mokoena (SA) 8.17, 3. Pole Vault: Maksym Mazuryk (Ukr) 5.70, 1; Derek Miles (US) 5.60, 2; Damiel Dossevi (Fra) 5.60, 3. Hammer Throw: Primoz Kozmus (Slo) 79.80, 1; Igors Sokolovs (Lat) 79.32, 2; Krisztian Pars (Hun) 77.49, 3. Javelin Throw: Andreas Thorkildsen (Nor) 87.75, 1; Tero Pitkamaki (Fin) 84.09, 2; Mark Frank (Ger)  82.46, 3.

Women: 100M: Carmelita Jeter (US) 10.67, 1; Shelly-Ann Fraser (Jam) 10.89, 2; Kerron Stewart (Jam) 10.90, 3. 400M: Sanya Richards (US) 49.95, 1; Novlene Williams-Mills (Jam) 50.34, 2; Shericka Williams (Jam) 50.49, 3. 800M: Anna Willard (US) 2:00.20, 1; Maggie Vessey (US) 2:00.31, 2; Jenny Meadows (Bri) 2:00.41, 3. 3000M: Meseret Defar (Eth) 8:30.15, 1; Vivian Cheruiyot (Ken) 8:30.61, 2; Wude Ayalew (Eth) 8:30.93, 3.  400M hurdles: Melaine Walker (Jam) 53.36, 1; Kaliese Spencer (Jam) 53.99, 2; Josanne Lucas (Trinidad and Tobago) 54.31, 3. High Jump: Blanka Vlasic (Cro) 2.04, 1; Anna Chicherova (Rus) 2.00, 2; Antonietta Di Martino (Ita) 1.97, 3.

Triple Jump: Mabel Gay (Cuba) 14.62, 1; Biljana Topic (Serb) 14.56, 2; Tatyana Lebedeva (Rus) 14.48, 3.

Shot Put: Valerie Vili (NZ) 21.07, 1; Nadezhda Ostapchuk (Blr) 19.56, 2; Natallia Mikhnevich (Blr) 19.27, 3.

Discus Throw: Yarelis Barrios (Cuba) 65.86, 1; Zaneta Glanc (Pol) 63.36, 2; Melina Robert-Michon (Fra) 61.74, 3.

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