Groom caught making it out with waitress

A bride had a difficult time getting rid of her husband who could not control his libido until their reception was over. He got involved with a waitress present on the occasion - and was caught by his new father-in-law.

Sneaking into the kitchen for a secret tryst, the drunk German groom and the waitress made it out just hours after he tied the knot. Nobody could have learned about it had the bride's father not popped in for a snack  - and the surprise of his life, the Daily Mail reported.

According to Austria's Vorarlberg Online, the groom wanted one last fling going on to live happily ever after. But his father-in-law walked in.  He was furious at what he saw, stopped the music and sent home the guests but did not explain why.

His just-married daughter then visited the marriage registration office, seeking divorce. But she was refused as Austrian law required her to stay with her husband for six months.

Eventually, the bride got what she desperately wanted. The law required the party in the wrong to pay alimony. The woman got the alimony and the man married the waitress. 

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