Time for some 'fridge decor'

Time for some 'fridge decor'

A refrigerator is approached at least ten times a day in normal conditions. We can make this monotonous experience into a pleasant one with a little effort from our side. Guests who are entertained in the dining space in the presence of the fridge will also enjoy your enterprising venture.

Most of us use magnetic stickers of fruits, vegetables, flowers, cartoon characters or gods and goddesses to make our fridge decorative . Here are some more ideas to add beauty to your refrigerator. You could display lovely and interesting pictures covered with a transparent plastic paper and fix them on the fridge with some magnetic stickers at the corners. These could be changed from time to time.

You could display thought-provoking sayings or poems on coloured paper in a similar manner. Colourful bindis or radium stickers of different shapes and sizes could be stuck in floral and geometrical patterns along the borders or restricted to the centre. When you use bindis or radium stickers make sure you alter the arrangement every week because the gum will leave a stain on the surface of the fridge. Make sure you remove all the stickers and wipe the surface clean using a dab of toothpaste before making the next arrangement.

Readymade fridge covers available in the market have several pockets stitched along the sides which can be used to keep some important papers, receipts and bills. Usually these covers are available in plastic or rexin material. You could replicate the model in cotton fabric or you could also crochet a cover if you are familiar with the art. On the other hand, you could buy mats made of beads; coir or jute in the size that suits the size of your refrigerator’s top and allow the excess length to fall equally on the sides. You could hang greeting cards, small and light wall plates from these mats and in this way you can avoid sticking on the walls of the fridge.

You could drape the fridge over with a pastel coloured cotton cloth embroidered or hand painted which will cover the entire length on either side. This will not only protect your fridge from dust, but can also used to express your talent in painting or embroidery.

If you find maintaining the cloth to be cumbersome as it can stain very quickly, you could buy colourful crepe paper or gift wrapper sheets for a very nominal price and use them as fridge covers.  These sheets will last you any where between two to three weeks and they can be replaced from time to time giving you an opportunity to experiment with several designs and covers.

Last but not the least comes the top of the fridge. Remember that the top of the fridge should not house very heavy items. Place light artefacts, fruit bowls or arrange a bunch of fresh flowers on top of the fridge to enhance the look. If you use a stabiliser for your fridge, use it as the centerpiece and place a pair of tiny artefacts on either side and place your favourite family picture or greeting cards on top of the stabiliser.

These are but a few ideas to help you launch into your innovative mode. You could experiment with the several items that you have at home. No matter how you go about decorating, make sure that your fridge does not look shabby or cluttered at any point of time. Once you get hooked to the idea of fridge décor, you will find that all the members in your family will be  compete for their ideas to be implemented.

Radha Prathi S