Eclectic mix of talents

 Students strum it out at the National Law School.

The sounds and sights of guitars being strummed, drums being beaten, soulful singing and fervent dancing brought in much excitement throughout the National Law School campus during the university selections for Western Music and Dance (WMD).
A lot of practice went into every event at WMD, be it solo, duet, or group singing, or dancing. Members of the Cultural and Fine Arts committee got to work setting the stage for law schoolites to croon, jive or rock their hearts out.

WMD opened with the sounds of mellifluous solo singing, accompanied by acoustic guitar. Jayanth was adjudged the best crooner in law school amidst tough competition for his performance of More by Tyrone Wells. Asma and Krishna enchanted the crowd with their rendition of  My Eyes by Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. Then NLS’ Western music bands took to the stage, drawing raucous cheering from the crowd. They performed an eclectic mix of numbers to the audience’s enthusiastic cheering. In the end, 304 was the band that walked away with the first place. In the group singing event, A Capella’s performance of Shut Your Eyes by Snow Patrol captivated every one.
The singing events done, anticipation built up for the dance events. After a rainy interlude, came a series of electrifying solo performances. Kranti’s tribute to Micheal Jackson and Dinkar’s lightening fast moves had even the judges asking for more. Dinkar was adjudged the winner in the solo category. All fired up now, the spirit of the crowd inspired an impromptu Bhangra jig on stage by Jasraj, Rajat, Swayam and

For the duet dances. Swetha and Swayam fused grace and energy, making the audience go ‘wow!’ and winning the first place. The group dances, perhaps the most awaited, lived up to expectations. The third-year girls had the crowd hanging on to their every move and went on win the first place in the group dance category.  
   All the action at WMD spilled over into the Quad party, the favoured informal mode of  ‘chilling’ at NLS. It was a rewarding day for the winners, who will go on to represent the University, an entertaining one for the audience and a satisfying day's work for the organisers.

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