Upset Kirsten denies role in dossier on improving performance

Upset Kirsten denies role in  dossier on improving performance

Gary Kirsten

The detailed four-part document focussed on wide-ranging topics such as food and nutrition, maximising performance on the field and reasons why India haven’t done as well as they would have liked when playing away, apart from a reference to sex, which had stoked the fire.

With sections of the media misinterpreting the dossier and reporting that Kirsten had encouraged the players to have sex on match-eve, the calls for the ouster of the South African as the national coach have grown strident in the last couple of days.

Prepared statement
Reading out a prepared statement, the former Protean opener said, “My family and I have been deeply offended and hurt by the many allegations that I encouraged the Indian players to engage in sexual activity before a match. I would like to state that I have never, and I repeat never, encouraged or told the team or any player to engage in any form of sexual activity.

“These allegations are absolutely not true, and completely against my religious and moral beliefs. “The leaked article was compiled by Paddy Upton (mental conditioning coach) and provided information for the players on the relationship between sexual activity and sports performance.

“I never wrote the article and read it for the first time two days ago. It has never been and never will be part of team strategy. “I have been deeply disturbed by these false allegations and wish to focus my attention on helping team India have a successful Champions Trophy.”

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