Rampant misuse of govt vehicles

Rampant misuse of govt vehicles

Facility exploited

Rampant misuse of govt vehicles

After being separated from Kolar as a separate district five years ago, most central and state government departments are functioning in the City.

The taluk and district level officers have been directed to remain at their respective headquarters and function from there.

Living elsewhere

However, most officers do not camp at their respective headquarters but return daily to Bangalore and other places. This has been revealed by the staff of various departments and also the drivers of the vehicles.

While some officers travel by bus to reach their officers, others make use of the vehicles allotted to their departments and travel from their homes in Bangalore everyday.

Travel rules

Although there is a rule that government vehicles should be used to travel within the district it is blatantly flouted, some drivers have alleged.

The working hours of the drivers are between 10 am and 5.30 pm. However, their work does not end even after 9 pm.

The drivers have to drive the officers back to Bangalore and return home by bus. They next day they have to be present by 8 am. Most of the drivers are employed on contract basis and get a salary of Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000.

Apart from this they do not get any other government benefits. Even though the hours of work are fixed, they have to work beyond working hours.


“We are willing to work beyond 5.30, but going all the way from Chikkaballapur to Bangalore is a little too much for us. We cannot complain against the officials, as we may lose our jobs”, says the driver of one of the departments.

The drivers are unable to go home early in case of necessity or an emergency. They often reach home only by midnight.

“Although there are review meetings, there is no one to speak on our behalf. We are in constant fear of losing our jobs”, adds the driver.

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