Free check-up camp for diabetics

Free check-up camp for diabetics

 A team of doctors comprising specialists - Dr N S Ramesh, Dr Y L Rajashekhar and Dr Vivek will examine the patients.

Blood test will be carried twice on each patient at the camp. Apart from this, various procedures like retinoscopy and tonometry. blood pressure measurement, electrocardiogram, body mass index measurement and Doppler effect will be carried out on the patients for a thorough study.

The camp is meant strictly for diabetic patients. The patients should produce the related medical reports showing that they are diabetic, while registering themselves to take part in the camp. The names will be registered at Nama Rukmini Nursing Home, NCR complex in the town Oct 3.

The patients should come in empty stomach, even without having coffee or tea  for the camp on Oct 7. They should bring insulin or tablets along with the doctor’s prescription.

A press release by the Diabetic Service Association has asked the diabetes patients to make use of the opportunity for a thorough check-up.