Power of words

Power of words


It’s only words, for words is all I have to steal your heart away…” goes my favourite song. It implies the power of words which evolve when a man has romantic feelings for a woman, he being inclined to believe that verbal wooing of his love is the best and most effective way to win her over. Indeed, words are very powerful and potent means of communication, which can be either written or spoken, although I’m still pondering over which is more effective. I guess men in love will try both!

There are thousands of words with both positive and negative connotations. One just has to read the introductory pages of ‘Reader’s Digest’ to know the nuances and shades of meanings of several words, how they evolved and the context in which they can be used. It is interesting to see how different wordsmiths chisel and mould sentences, each word used to perfection. When one communicates a certain thought, it should be done by way of economy of words.

There are four categories of people when it comes to communication. The first are the ones who form societies for they communicate well by measuring and weighing their words succinctly and they are never relegated to the category of hurting others. Not only do they talk politely, they are also ethical people. The next category consists of people who talk glibly and courteously but don’t necessarily mean well. In other words, they are the smooth talking operators who should be avoided at all costs. In fact, it is even preferable if one falls into the next category of being blunt in written and spoken communication. What is most detestable is the last category of human beings, who are vituperative and vile on the outside as well as inside.

Indeed, so important is apt communication that if not apt, it can break hearts, damage people’s psyche and cause irreparable harm to one’s emotional health and well-being. Since words once spoken cannot be taken back, they can at times cause immense pain and hurt when they are articulated irresponsibly.

In fact, it has correctly been said by a wise sage, to always make your words pass through three gateways: the first being “Are the words true?”, the second “Are the words necessary?” and the third “Are the words kind?” The sage concludes, saying “If it passes through gateway three, have no fear what the result of speech can be.”