Art fair: Experimenting new ideas

Art fair: Experimenting new ideas

Art fair: Experimenting new ideas

A model of a huge Titanic ship with white sail wavering in breeze and a demon keeping vigil attract the passersby on busy Sayyaji Rao Road making it clear for the umpteenth time that these students are indeed different.

The occasion was the CAVA Mela organised by the students of Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA) and each and every exhibit be it a painting, photograph or a sculpture, it expressed the thoughts of the artists who are in various foundation levels of the course.

Cauvery river water sharring the burning issue between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu was also the subject of an artefact here with mock funeral procession of Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalitha. Also, the rising inflation making commodities unaffordable. The students of II foundation Sharath Halmathur, Nitin Kumar K U, Subhash K S  and Sharath Kumar A S has come out with a replica of the White House, official Washington home of the American President. Speaking to Deccan Herald, they said that the replica of the White House is the result of more than four months hardwork and has cost them approximately Rs 42,000. Made of foam board and small wooden pieces, the pristine white replica is the cynosure of all eyes at the mela. The photographs both in lack and white and colour by the department of Photography and Photojournalism exhibited some beautiful pictures with clarity which matched that of professionals. Shailesh B R, a final year student shocked many with a large collection of capsules stored in pet jars.

Explaining the concept, Shailesh said that he happened to observe the medicines during his brief stint inpainting at the K R Hospital and studying the environment there. Upon browsing on the issue he said he came across the term pharmacopeia that means storage of drugs, which sounded like some kind of phobia. He says it is interesting to see the relationship between man and medicine as it is a dilemma between fear and security.
He has already collected 1.5 lakh capsules till now and he seems to be obsessed with the capsules.

The students had also come out with themes of interiors pertaining to showrooms and there were many models that showed the interior designing of a jewellery showroom, restaurant and others.

There is also screening of 2D animation film in one of the classrooms and drawing competition for children.

The creativity of these students never seem to wane as these expressive hands are ever busy trying to bring out something interesting year after year. Earlier, Rangayana director Dr B V Rajaram inaugurated the festival, which is open on October 31 also.