R'than man knocks on rights panel doors against in-laws

R'than man knocks on rights panel doors against in-laws

A man has approached the state human rights commission alleging that his in-laws are threatening to slap a dowry case on him for refusing to stay with them as an adopted son-in-law,  or  ghar jamai in local parlance.

According to his in-laws, tMahesh Kumar’s marriage was fixed on the condition that he would become an adopted son-in-law.

But he said there was no such agreement.  After the marriage, his in-laws started forcing him and his wife to stay with them or forget the marriage.

“We have not demanded any dowry,” claimed Mahesh before the Rajasthan Human Rights Commission. He said he got married to Kavita, a native of Govindgarh in Alwar, in July this year.

The bus carrying the marriage party on way to the home of the bride had met with an accident.  All the injured were rushed to hospital. Meanwhile, the bridegroom, along with a few people, reached the venue for marriage.

On July 23, when Mahesh visited the house of his in-laws, they asked him to stay there permanently. According to him, one of his brothers in-law is already living as ghar jamai with them.

“It was shocking for me. I came back with my wife. When I did not respond to their threats, about two dozen people came to my house on September 15. They took my wife,” Mahesh said.

“They have threatened to implicate me in a dowry harassment case,” he said. The state human rights commission has asked police to register an FIR against the accused and to ensure no pressure is put on the victim.