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Haute Style

Each outfit at Scullers has an identity of its own. The clothes are easy to wear, stylish and keep pace with the latest trends in fashion. The brand ensures that it never repeats a design and has something new to offer.

Sam Deepak, Final year, Art and Music, Kalakshethra College, picked up stretched chinos and paired them with a black jacket and a dark blue formal shirt. 

Punchline: “The shirt is formal and pairing it with a classy jacket allows many options to style it differently. I haven’t worn such an attractive outfit in a long time.”  
Price: Chinos (Rs 1,499);
jacket (Rs 5,999) and shirt
(Rs 1,699).

Akshata Sastry, III year, mechanical engineering, CMRIT, slipped into black formal trousers, a blue checked shirt and a beige jacket.

Punchline: “The clothes are not only smart and comfortable but perfect for a party as well. The jacket only adds to the style of the outfit. The combination is subtle yet
Price: Jacket (Rs 3,999); top (Rs 1,399) and trousers
(Rs 1,499).

Suraksha Nandeesh. DH PHotoSuraksha Nandeesh, II PUC, Mount Carmel College, wore a tunic top with a brown and white striped sweater.

Punchline: “The tunic top, when worn with the sweater, not only keeps you warm but looks stylish and fashionable as well. The combination goes well with my complexion and I could wear it to a party.”   
Price: Top (Rs 1,399) and sweater (Rs 1,699).

Harender Singh, fifth-semester, MCA, New Horizon College of Engineering, wore a striped sweater over a formal light blue shirt, with beige trousers. He also wore a stole.

Punchline: “These clothes speak a great deal about my personality. ‘Scullers’ has an envious collection of sweaters and shirts. They make you look smart.” 
Price: Sweater (Rs 1,899); trousers (Rs 1,499) and shirt (Rs 1,499).

Rheema Riaz, I PUC, Mount Carmel College, opted for black trousers, a white top and complemented the look with a grey sweater.

Punchline: “I really like the outfit. It’s perfect for the season. The cut, colour and design are quite stylish. I think I really look great in it.”  
Price: Trousers (Rs 1,599); sweater (Rs 1,699) and top Rs 1,399.

Nishanth S, fifth-semester, CMRIT, wore a striped sweater, a beige casual shirt and matched it with a pair of  denims.

Punchline: “More than the shirt and denims, I think the striped sweater makes all the difference. It not only keeps you warm, but makes you look pretty stylish as well. The outfit is apt for this weather.”
Price: Sweater (Rs 1,899); shirt (Rs 1,599) and jeans (Rs 2,299).

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