And the answer is...

And the answer is...

Hobby Club

Started in 1983 by Wing Commander (retd) G R Mulky, the ‘KQA’ boasts of more than 1000 members today. Says Arul Mani, one of the oldest members, “Different people from different walks of life started the ‘KQA’ with an aim to conduct quizzes for the general public.” Arul, who is known as one of the finest quiz masters in the City, started developing a passion for quizes in 1985. “I was in school and the ‘KQA’ quizzes were always looked forward to as all the schools from different boards took part,” he adds.

According to Arul, the late 80s and early 90s played an important role in the growth of the ‘KQA’. “In the late 80s, Bangalore became the destination for medical and engineering colleges, so we had students from all across the country coming to the City. Bangalore became the IT hub in the early 90s, that’s why quizzing grew faster,” he says.
For Thejaswi Udupa, a product manager at Yahoo, quizzing is more than a passion. “It is very addictive. One brush with it and you will be hooked on for life,” says the man, who is one of the youngest members of the ‘KQA’. Thejaswi conducts at least three-four quizzes a month. “It has become a part of my daily routine,” he admits.

Besides, Thejaswi feels that quizzing has helped him learn many new things. “For instance, I have been hosting a Chemistry quiz for the past three months and have learnt so much about the subject as I am not from a Chemistry background,” he says. Arul recalls the first time he conducted a quiz. “It was in 1990, when I was in college,” he says. He believes that Mulky, who ran the KQA till 2000, was a great organiser. “He always focused on smaller things and that’s how we work even today,” notes Arul.

The questions for the quizzes are set by the person, who conducts the quiz. Both Arul and Thejaswi feels that process of the setting up questions happens naturally. “It happens as I am reading something or watching a movie or listening to
music, and I come across an interesting fact,” says Thejaswi.

Arul’s favourite quizmaster is Siddharth Basu. “He set a benchmark in the field of quizzing,” he feels and adds, “He continues to be an interesting figure even today.” While Thejaswi’s favourite quizmaster in Arun Mani himself.

Thejaswi has an advice for all the budding quizmasters and participants. “You should always have fun. Conducting or taking part in quizzes shouldn’t become a chore,” he says. While Arul feels that the best way to master quizzes is by taking part in them. The ‘KQA’ has many quizzes like the ‘Mahaquizzer’, ‘Lone Wolf Quiz’ and ‘Competitive Online Quiz’ to name a few. “One way in which all the members meet is at the quizzes themselves,” says Arul. Some of the members also meet on Sundays at Koshys and ask questions to each other.

The club is open to everyone. “The membership is a simple policy. There are no forms or procedures. Just mail us and once you are added to our mailing list, you will be a member,” informs Arul. For details, visit