DPI releases list of minority institutions out of RTE ambit

DPI releases list of minority institutions out of RTE ambit

The next time any school denies admission under RTE Act claiming minority status, you can verify whether they are telling the truth or not.

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has released a list with names and number of schools officially declared minority institutions in each district. Schools denying admissions to students claiming minority status has been a common phenomenon during ongoing admissions under 25 per cent quota of RTE Act.  

 There are a total of 1,059 minority status schools mentioned in the list of which 160 schools are in Bangalore urban and three are in Bangalore rural.

The highest concentration of minority status schools is in Mangalore with 177 such schools. Madhugiri and Koppal three and four schools respectively have lowest concentration of such schools.  

Minority schools have been exempted from admitting students under RTE act. The DPI had received numerous complaints with regards to schools making false claims of being minority institutions to escape implementing the 25 per cent quota under the act. The problem became so acute that Commissioner of Public Instruction had to issue a circular on January 17, where he warned that schools engaging in such tendencies would be penalised.

Only those with the minority status tag from ‘competent authorities’ would be treated as such, he said in the circular. The complete list is available on DPI website (http://www.schooleducation.kar.nic.in)