Indian NRI Doc offers free heart surgery to needy Filipino children

Indian NRI Doc offers free heart surgery to needy Filipino children

Indian NRI Doc offers free heart surgery to needy Filipino children

In a notable charitable initiative, an NRI doctor has offered to provide free paediatric cardiac services for 50 needy Filipino children in the next two years.

Padma Shri Dr Moopen, Chairman of Dubai-based DM Healthcare and founder of Dr Moopen's Foundation, announced this as part of 'Save the Little Hearts' programme, which will help facilitate heart surgery for needy children in the Philippines.

He said the group's initiative is to give back to the Filipino community "that is integral to our growth, success and quality."

Around 20 per cent of the employees of the group are from the Philippines.
Commenting on the initiative, Philippines President Benigno Aquino said, "this charitable venture is a gift that our people will cherish and turn into an opportunity to build better lives."

"The paediatric cardiac surgery to our underprivileged youth will indeed empower them to sustain their vigour and help their families," Aquino said.

The Indian Ambassador to the Philippines, Amit Dasgupta lauded the efforts, stating
"Saving little hearts requires a big heart."

This initiative could foster collaboration between India and the Philippines, he said.
Dasgupta said: "We see a partnership for development, between Business, Industry and Government at one hand and between Governments and people at another level."

Indian Industry could contribute as it manufactures high quality and low cost pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and through medical expertise, he added.

Two young patients, aged 4 and 16 respectively have already been treated successfully for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) this week.

While some surgeries that can be treated within the Philippines will be carried out under complete supervision and funding by Dr Moopen's Foundation.

Patients sent to India will be rendered comprehensive medical care at a hospital under the DM Healthcare network.