HDK confident of big victory in assembly polls

Local body elections rehearsal for the party for main hustings

Ex-chief minister and Janata Dal(Secular) State president H D Kumaraswamy expressed confidence that his party would win 135 seats in the upcoming legislative assembly elections in the state.

“JD(S) has identified candidates in 185 constituencies of the state and has started campaigning,” he revealed.

Kumaraswamy said that the list of candidates will be announced soon.

Speaking on giving tickets to women candidates to contest elections from the party, he said that candidates are selected based on their win ability. “Even though the party wants to give more opportunities to women, it has limited the number of candidates between  18 and 20,” he said.

Responding to comments made by former chief minister and KJP president B S Yeddyurappa that JD(S) was conspiring with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to put an end to KJP, he said that the decline of KJP was due to the ‘reputation’ of its leaders.

“Ministers in the coterie of B S Yeddyurappa during his days in BJP have now turned their backs on him. Confused and  under constant pressure Yeddyurappa is out making illogical comments,” he said.

Denying that JD(S) would have a poll alliance with BJP, he claimed that JD(S) was responsible in exposing the scams of BJP government .

He said that the party was sure of reaping victory in the upcoming assembly elections without having any pre-poll alliance.

Commenting on the an increase in fuel prices, he opined that the economic reforms policy of central government has put the life of the middle class in jeopardy.

He lashed out at the Congress led UPA government in the centre and said that people will have to face problems, as long as UPA will be in power.

Speaking on the forthcoming urban local body elections in the state, Kumaraswamy  expressed confidence of winning a maximum number of seats in the elections.

“It is a rehearsal for the upcoming asssembly elections and will reveal the political status in the state,” he added.

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