Time for a break!

Time for a break!

Much Needed

Time for a break!

With tiring schedules and the pressure of deadlines, professionals in the City definitely don’t have it easy. For many of them, a work day entails sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen.

The problem is that because of this, many of them suffer from different ailments. Metrolife speaks to a few professionals across the City, who claim that it’s important to take short breaks in between a hectic day’s schedule.

“Taking breaks in between work and talking to your colleagues works wonders — it fights stress, helps you relax and in general, makes you feel human. Taking those few moments to bond with them, share a few laughs and personal moments helps to freshen your mind and think out of the box,” says Sreeja S, a manager at a telecom company. She adds, “This in turn benefits you and them. It’s like a natural de-stressing mechanism and also breaks the monotony of work.”

Subha V Menon, a chartered accountant, says, “A coffee or tea break, or even a small stroll around the cabin to talk to a few colleagues, is a requisite during work. Getting up from your seat helps to stretch your muscles and interacting with people helps to ease the mind.” Subha feels that this might not be possible all the time, but professions should seize opportunities to do so whenever possible.

Alok P, head of operations of a firm, too admits that not all employees find the time to take breaks. “But most call centres — or any place of work where one has to handle customers at a constant pace — have fixed hours for breaks. At jobs like that, an outlet for stress and relaxation is much required.” Alok opines, “Spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen causes different ailments, varying from eyesight issues to stress and so on.

It’s always best to look away from your screen — in another direction or out of a window — after an hour of work. Constant exposure to certain colours on the screen can even cause nausea. So, walking around at least three or four times a day at work is a must.”  

Ayusha P, who writes for a website, says, “People often find it funny that even though I work from home, I look so stressed and tired.

That’s because I rarely get to walk around or relax, since I’ve to be constantly online and ready to interact with publicists and editors who are abroad. I rarely get up from my seat.”

Ayusha’s quick to add with a laugh, “I purposefully switch the laptop off and say we lost power sometimes. Breaks are a must. At a job like mine, where I don’t get to interact with people face-to-face, the need to get up and have a chat with someone in between is human. I also get backaches and headaches, which convince me that it’s time to leave my seat for a while.”  

Doctors strongly agree with these professionals. Dr Ashwin, a general physician, says, “Working long hours on a computer or stuck in a particular position can cause a variety of ailments, varying from stiff joints to backaches and in serious cases, even spondylitis, obesity and diabetes.”

Ashwin concludes, “Breaks remove the monotony of work, help to calm those stressed nerves and help to increase concentration for better results throughout the day.”

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