Depictions of brutal reality

Depictions of brutal reality


Depictions of brutal reality

The Turkish Embassy recently joined hands with Sublime Galleria in an attempt to promote world peace by presenting a unique photo-exhibition by eminent humanitarian photojournalist, Niko Guido, who depicts the devastation of the Iraq War on the common man.

The exhibition is a part of the anti-war photography project to bring to the fore the plight of wounded Iraqi civilians of the Iraq war. It was started across eight countries on the same day to mark the tenth anniversary of the Iraq war — an initiative to get the whole world to say no to war.

While there is a focus on the youth, the 24 portraits take the viewer through the torture and trauma that war puts humanity through. The text below each photograph makes one feel even more strongly about the cause.

The pictures have a variety of subjects, ranging from children as young as eight and students to pregnant women and grown-up men, each one’s story more horrific than the other. The common theme, it seems, is devastation.

Some of the photographs are so powerful and disturbing that it’s hard to look straight at them — the injuries, deep burns, scorched faces and eyes that no longer see are too much for many to stomach.

But in showing the stark reality and telling the story of innocent civilians suffering unnecessarily for a war they cannot understand, it does do justice. The reasons for the various injuries depicted include bomb explosions, fuel tanks bursting, gun shots and being caught in cross fire.

But while Niko only portrays 24 such tales, there are thousands of untold ones still out there.  It is a heart-wrenching exhibition, one that could either make the viewer feel helpless or motivated to make a difference.  The exhibition will be on till March 27.