Hot weather a health risk, say docs

Last Updated 29 March 2013, 19:09 IST

The rise in temperature in City — up to 38 degree Celsius during the day — is likely to cause health problems, according to doctors.

“The climate is not just hot, it’s also dry. Due to this one does not perspire and does not realise when the heat is draining them completely,” says Dr Manjari Chandra, a nutritionist.

 Doctors blame dehydration for most problems people are facing. “No fluid in the body causes weakness. I have had many patients complain about severe body ache and sudden bouts of fatigue,” says Dr Mohan Srihari, a physician. He adds that viral fever is a common ailment caused due to increasing temperatures.

Many doctors also fear increase in number of gastroenteritis cases due to high temperature. “Unlike in winter, food gets spoilt very easily in this season. This means that the roadside eateries are most unsafe places to eat,” explains Dr Srihari. Dr Shankar of Fortis Hospital says he already is seeing many such cases. “One needs to eat at hygienic and clean eateries to maintain health,” he advises.

While having a cool drink to quench your thirst in this heat is something we all do, nutritionists advise against it.

“Most people who feel low on energy instantly grab a soft drink or an energy drink thinking it will help them. But these drinks have high levels of sugar that cause the body to feel more dehydrated,” says Dr Chandra. She adds that people should always carry a bottle of water with themselves and when possible have tender coconut water.

“Also, it is best to eat simple and light food and avoid oily foodstuffs in this season,” she says.

(Published 29 March 2013, 19:09 IST)

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