Of risotto and roller blades

Of risotto and roller blades

Low cal, high taste

Of risotto and roller blades

A rusty old cycle, suspended from the ceiling, grabs more eyeballs than the menu. So does an ancient scooter that nearly wobbles off a wall. Stay, don’t scoot. These quaint touches in restaurant decor are Imperfecto’s way of celebrating “the beauty of imperfection”!

The restaurant, located in Hauz Khas, is good for a leisurely lunch where you are licensed to gawp as much as you have license to gobble and guzzle.

Located in a posh part of South Delhi, Imperfecto serves Mediterranean food (cycles and scooters, notwithstanding). The interiors, like we told you earlier, are all about imperfection. Thus unevenly painted walls, wooden chairs carefully askew and tables fashioned out of sawed off four-poster beds are par for the course. The three-floor restaurant has a balcony, which adds a new meaning to the phrase, ‘dining under the stars’.

Chef Nuria Rodriguez from Spain, who is the executive chef here, extols the virtues of Mediterranean food. “It’s healthy, it’s tasty and it’s light,” she beams. Therefore dismiss those dreams of buttery breads and creamy curries. Enjoy the goodness of extra virgin olive oil, instead.

The highlights of our meal included Spanish Prawns toasted with garlic; Fish made the Greek way — a sole grilled with capers and mustard and served with eggplant caviar; Chicken Timbales which is chicken stuffed with cheese, black olives and vegetables and served with basil; Lamb Lion or grilled lamb roasted with pistachios, grapes and vegetables. Grill, roast, roast.... you get the drift, don’t you? All healthy cooking techniques; not heavy or heartburn-inducing ones.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the hummus served with pita bread. It is seriously good. So is Mushroom Moti — mushroom stuffed with vegetables and sauteed in extra virgin olive oil. For sheer visual delight, order Wildflower — pretty flowers made of feta cheese, cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar.

Those who prefer a quick brunch might choose Sandwich Imperfecto made with grilled chicken and herbs, toasted in a wood-fired oven, and served with lettuce, cheese and roasted veggies.

The risotto list is long and the risottos themselves are lovingly-crafted. Made with mushroom, basil leaves and French champagne, Piano Risotto is a winner. So is Sailor Risotto, made with prawns and bathed in white wine and extra virgin olive oil.

By the way, did we tell you about the roller skates? The scooters distracted us, actually. Well, the wait staff are all accomplished skaters and they lose no opportunity to impress you with their roller-blading skills, so be warned!

The chef speaks thora thora Hindi and though she loves an occasional treat of garlic naan and paneer on her plate, she is quick to point out, “One dish of butter chicken packs 1,500 calories in it; five or six Mediterranean dishes give you just 700 calories!”
Ah, the mathematics hidden in the menu is a definite bonus!

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