Kidnapping case against KMF chief

Kidnapping case against KMF chief

On Monday, the city-based SNC Power Corporation lodged a complaint against  Reddy and 20 others for allegedly kidnapping, forcibly detaining, threatening and harassing their manager Prashanth Shetty.

The Upparpet police confirmed that a complaint has been registered against Somasekar Reddy and 20 others in connection with a tender process for Raw Water Pond works in Bellary. Sources said Somasekar Reddy was for GVPR Company from Hyderabad getting the tender. However, the SNCP Corporation was also firm on bidding for it.

Deccan Herald is in possession of a complaint copy written by the SNC Power Corporation Managing Director Dr N Sitaram Shetty. The complaint said "the threatening drama started from October 21 onwards. Manager Prashanth Shetty received a call from a mobile phone where the caller introduced himself as Somasekar Reddy."

He had threatened and instructed Prashanth to support GVPR Company. However, SNCP Corporation decided to take part in the tender process and Prashanth submitted the papers on October 23, the last date for submission. As Prashanth was coming out after filing the papers, GVPR General Manager Madhav Gowda and others forcibly took Prashanth in a four-wheeler to the house of Karunakar Reddy (State Revenue Minister) on Race Course Road. In Somasekar Reddy's presence, they further threatened with dire consequences. They also said "you are saved. If it was Bellary, you would have been beheaded and will not be able to execute works in Bellary."

The police confirmed that Karunakar Reddy was not present at home when the incident took place but filed half dozen cases. Interestingly, no arrests had been made till late night.

In Bellary, Somasekar Reddy said he was not aware of the incident. "It looks like a political conspiracy." He learnt about the incident from media persons.