Fun with responsibility

Fun with responsibility

“We wanted to try something different,” says Smitha, one of the students organising the fest. “We wanted to lead a green change as the more we progress as a nation, the more we endanger the environment. So we thought of showing the people that one can progress by using technology positively and avoid the negative impact on the environment.” Adds Swaraj, another organiser, “We are the engineers of tomorrow and youngsters are supposed to take an initiative. And what better way to promote a cause amongst youngsters than a college festival.”

Apart from the cultural and knowledge-based events like paper presentation, stress interview, MAD Ads and Bangalore Has Got Talent; and sport-based competitions like mini soccer and mini cricket, the fest will also consist of a ‘Leader’s Meet’, boasting of many powerful corporate leaders. “We want to bridge the gap between corporates and the students,” says Rohan, who is also an organiser. “We want to see the corporates’ vision for the future.”

Besides, a week before ‘Synergy’, a casual walkathon will be held to promote the cause for green change. The venue for this walkathon, which will also be a preview to ‘Synergy’, has not been decided yet. “Generally, a college festival is forgotten once it is over. But we want our fest to be remembered and make a lot of people aware about saving the environment. Can you believe 500 cars are rolled out every month in Bangalore, adding to the already uncontrollable traffic?” asks Smitha.

The best part about the walkathon is that it’s not restricted to just college students. People of all age groups can take part. “We want a mass participation,” say the students. ‘Synergy’ will be held on November 14 and 15, while the walkathon will be organised on November 8.

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