World cuisine comes calling


World cuisine  comes calling

In the winding bylanes of Hauz Khas Village where every eatery has a story behind it, the name Elf Café Lounge leaves one wondering as to what prompted the mischievous name and what is so different about it? There is nothing unique about the eatery’s decor as it matches the hip n happening places with its luxurious interior. So could the mystery be resolved by the food it serves?

The place serves Indian tandoori, American street food, Spanish, Lebanese and Italian cuisines. Metrolife decided to taste almost all to rate the place.

For starters, mocktails - Blueberry salsa, Tiramisu Frappe and Harry Berry Patch turn out to be too good and beyond expectation. While Blueberry salsa is rich in Blueberry crush, Tiramisu Frappe is a treat for chocolate lovers, though a little high in its sweetness. The Harry Berry Patch scores an extra mark for just the right combination of fruit juices and a distinct savoury taste of pineapple.

The hopes of a scrumptious meal ahead fills the senses but the dream is shattered rudely when the appetizer Kebab-e-Zafran contains a chicken which is neither tender nor succulent. The Mahi Tikka Chutneywala is comparatively better with the tangy flavour of mint chutney coated well on chunks of tandoori fish.

The vegetarian appetizers on the other hand are a surprising delight. Be it the regular Greek Salad, Filo Wrap Con Queso Y Pimiento or Tacos, all are interesting and high on taste. The Greek Salad is really good and contains “cucumber, bellpepper, onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce and black olive tossed well with vinegrette dressing which is a mix of olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and feta cheese,” shares Chef Bhaskar
Nand Juyal.

The Mexican vegetarian tacos have corn tortillas filled with bellpepper, onion, red fried beans, tomato sauce, sour cream and baked with cheddar cheese. The Spanish Filo wraps are a version of vegetarian spring rolls filled with three bellpeppers tossed with salt, pepper, oregano and chilli flakes. These are deep fried and cut to be served with mouthwatering dips such as saffron oily and corn salsa.

While saffron oily is mayo based and has mustard oil, garlic and a hint of lemon juice with a buttery texture, the corn salsa is rich in colour due to corn, coriander, green chilli sauce, olive oil and lemon juice. Both the dips get a thumbs up!

Both Fried Calamares and Samundari Dilruba (prawn) are average but the Italian dish Sag Liola Ala Sarientine, which is a combination of fish and prawn is really appreciable. It has prawns which were extremely juicy. Even the Spanish Crepes De Maiz ooze with Parmesan cheese and cream which enhances its taste.

The thin crust pizza with assorted vegetables was like a cherry on the top but the aspirations of signing off on a good note were torn when the Blueberry Cheese Cake turned to be a nightmare filled with only froth. We popped in a Baklava filled with chopped nuts and satiated our craving for the third course!

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