Father says Jackson is worth more after death

The 'Thriller' hitmaker, who died in June this year at the age of 50, has rocketed into the top five of Forbes magazine's new annual Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list and even his father is amazed with the money his son is making from beyond the grave.

"He's worth more dead than when he was alive, but I'd rather have him alive," Contactmusic quoted him telling to US news show 'Extra'.
The pop icon's father insisted that he is still mourning his son's death and rubbished claims that he has acted inappropriately after his son's death.

"I get emotional when I'm off to myself and I start thinking about things that we went through. No one will ever see me (cry), though," said Joe.
The 79-year-old was seen promoting a new record label at a press conference immediately after the death of his son and had also stepped out with escorts in Las Vegas, which led people to criticise his behaviour as a bereaved father.

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