Cops exchange lathi blows at public function

Cops exchange lathi blows at public function

Cops exchange lathi blows at public function

It is not uncommon to see cops wielding their batons to disperse violent crowds, but in Uttar Pradesh, two cops armed with batons turned on each other.

The passers by in the state capital were surprised to see two cops in uniform and deployed as part of the security detail at a function addressed by Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday exchanging lathi blows even as the senior officials and other cops merely looked on.

Local TV channels captured the exchange almost blow by blow and aired it later for their audiences.

The two cops from the Provincial Arms Constabulary (PAC) had been deployed at a function at Gomti Nagar locality in the state capital in which Akhilesh was taking part.

According to reports, the two cops had heated exchange and in no time started to chase each other with their lathis raised.

Panicked pedestrians were seen running for cover as the two cops traded blows. One of them was hit several times on the head and was seen bleeding profusely.

Senior officials could not immediately state the reasons behind the fight but said that a probe had been ordered and stern action would be taken against the jawans for fighting in public.

“Their act has adversely affected the image of the police in the eyes of the common people,” quipped a senior police official who was at the scene.

Passers by expressed surprised by the site of two cops going hard at each other.

“They would now be feeling the pain of those they hit with their lathis while protesting,” they said.