A platform to shed inhibitions

A platform to shed inhibitions

Act Apart

Ask any child studying in Ryan International, Kundalahalli, what he or she felt that day and they will tell you that it was a day filled with laughter, comedy, flamboyance, energy, enthusiasm and fun.

The king of laughter was here to launch the Johny Lever Ryan Film Academy (JLRFA), along with producer Imtiyaz Sheik and choreographers Vinod and Sumeet from Boogie Woogie fame. The day began with the school choir performing various gospel songs, readings from the Bible followed by a prayer.

Prabhu, the choreographer of Ryan, performed a Western number and choreographed a contemporary style dance for the students. “Though we have great plans for the future, at the moment we are concentrating on dance. I believe this three-month-workshop will be a great platform for everyone who loves to dance and act,” said Johny Lever, who followed it by a stand-up act on the development of dance in Bollywood.  

JLRFA proposes to provide courses in fields such as film-making, acting, editing, dancing, recording, production, dubbing and many more. To begin with, they will be launching dancing courses across India.

This workshop will not only hunt hidden talent in India but also nurture and polish skills of upcoming dancers.  JLRFA has also tied up with Zee TV Dance India Dance and students enrolling in this academy will be getting a wild card entry for the auditions.

“There will also be a special appearance of Ryan along with 100 students from the school in a song for my upcoming movie Masti Express,” added Imtiyaz.