It's raining fashion!

It's raining fashion!


It's raining fashion!

Fashion Getting a functional, yet stylish look during muggy days is not all that tricky, writes Meera Seshadri.

 There are days when despite constant drizzles, you’d be feeling deadly warm, which in turn drowns you in dull spirits. Well, here are ways of pepping up your mood by looking magnificent, sporting marvelous clothes during such muggy days.

To start with, make sure you select such outfits which dry up in a flash, even when you get soaked up in sudden rains. Try super-stylish spaghetti-strapped tops, short tank-tops, etc, that look sensuous when clubbed with a pair of sand-blasted, slim-fit jeans. You can give this ensemble a hip dimension by donning a delectable crotchet-worked shrug in any pastel hue. If you aren’t a game for these shoulder-revealing tops, then opt for splendiferous tunics or even chic kaftan tops in sheer chiffon or georgette fabrics, which facilitate good air circulation and expedite drying process when drenched in the rains.

Next, the single-piece skirts that shimmy till the shins, indubitably is yet another groovy option for you during monsoon days. Since, when you are wading through water-logged areas, you won’t worry about your dress getting all mucky. In fact, you can go in for those knee-length slip-skirts with décolleté necks sans buttons/fasteners. These skirts look positively gorgeous with polka dots, teeny floral prints or graphic prints on them. If you are looking for a dash of flair, choose those skirts with fluted or scalloped hemline. Cinch your waist with a beautiful belt to accentuate your contour.

Just have a shot at those cool sarongs (wrap-around skirts) too that look alluring, especially when worn for nocturnal eve bashes. See that these skirts are teamed with breezy tees, lacy tops, to make you look bewitching. Pump in more pizzazz to your image by wearing prepossessing chandeliers, and other exotic eye-catching accessories. Just remember two things here. One is to refrain from wearing those chintzy kinds of skirts that have proclivity to run colour. Second is to desist donning those street-sweeping skirts, as they look scruffy when drenched in lashing rains.

Now, if you are looking at an absolute bohemian image, then try gaucho pants. Team this with a dreamy top, and complement the outfit with big looped earrings, quaint bracelets, etc. Even snug fitting pedal-pushers, clubbed with an exquisite top/tee could be a good bet. Jazz up your looks further wearing fetching flip-flops that complement the dress.

In case you are looking at conventional looks during these monsoon months, then thin kurtas/kurtis with scooped neck and plunging backs are for you. Team them with tights to usher in a mélange of grace and glam. Experiment with chunky bead, glass and coloured pearl accessories, when you are sporting these singularly feminine outfits. Note, dupattas available today in mind-scrambling varieties, can infuse magnetic appeal to these apparels. 

Remember this is the right time of the year to make feisty fashion statements by flashing your fabulous umbrellas, which are retailed in umpteen designs, hues and prints. You have umbrellas with polka dots, bandhini prints, military prints, even the neon and iridescent ones that look luminous at nights. You have white translucent ones too.

About raincoats, just bid adieu to those oh-so-boring black mackintosh! Today raincoats are available in sexy stream-lined fits. Now moving towards footwear, instead of close-toed ones, go in for open-toed so that rainwater just seeps off instead of getting locked there, to squelch when you walk. Whether it’s wedge-styled or platform-styled footwear, choose the ones with hard-soles, as these prevent sludge sticking to them, unlike in those varieties that have teeny depressions. Also, these hard-soles don’t splatter slime on your back, even when you are sloshing in muddy puddles!

Now talking of handbags, shelve the idea of using leather handbags till monsoon wears off. Besides exposure to constant showers having deleterious effect on these bags, the leather reeks when sodden with moisture. Try those glossy-surfaced superior quality faux leather bags, made of rexine-like material that looks supremely stylish. Select such bags wherein rainwater slops off without retaining moisture. 

Regarding the use of facial make-up, you can tone down jot of razzle-dazzle during daytime. Opt for subtle water-proof face-creams/lip-colour/eye make-up for that ‘minimalism at its best’ look. About hair-dos, don’t style it in such a way that when soaked in rains, they appear too poker-straight; and with bangs flopping limply on forehead, they give that shaggy or tousled look. Of course, for the nocturnal bashes/shindigs you can go elaborate, togging up in bright-hued apparels and accessories. But remember to shield yourself from unexpected assaults from spoilsport showers! Else, you end up with bedraggled look! 

So get set, paint the weather silly, and sizzle through the rains!