Original plan is the best, say experts

Original plan is the best, say experts

All of Jayadeva's concerns can be resolved, says advisor

‘Do not touch the original alignment’ is the message experts, including those from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), which prepared the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Namma Metro’s Phase-II have for the State government and Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation.

Urban infrastructure experts in City believe that there is no reason to change the alignment of Metro line passing through Jayadeva junction and state that the original alignment was best suited for the project.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, DMRC Advisor S N Venkata Rao said: There are solutions available to each of the three concerns raised by Director of Jayadeva. The DPR prepared is the best suited option and changing it would have undesirable effects on the project.”
Noting that the DMRC, which originally prepared the DPR, was not even consulted when the change in alignment was being contemplated or when the decision to re-align was taken, he said the Metro is not a piece.

“There are many aspects that we had to consider before aligning the line. The original alignment is the best to cater to commuters and cheapest way of going through the important stretch,” he said.

Discussing the concerns raised by Jayadeva hospital, he said: First, about losing lot of land, it is not true. Only a small portion of their property was to be disturbed as opposed to number of people the re-alignment is set to affect.

Second, regarding sound/noise troubling patients, he said, there is technology available to bring it down to permisible levels. We can use rubber pads and construct noise-reduction walls near the parapets to contain noise. We can prevent trains from honking near the station. Thirdly, the dust is certainly lesser than what is produced on road, already.

M N Sreehari, advisor to the State government on transoport, infrastructure and traffic,  said the re-alignment, it appears, is being done to favour some people. There is no other explanation when a flawless alignment is changed without really having a feasible option. He has already made a representation to Governor Bhardwaj and has been assured of a revisit. Further, Rao, said no other option, including present alignment or considering underground stretch is viable.


Meanwhile, BMRCL, which has said going underground near Jayadeva Hospital is not economically viable considering the cost, had been asked by the Planning Commission to justify why it sought to have 12 underground stations on Phase-II when overground or elevated stretches have proved cheaper.

BMRCL, in its reply, is understood to have said the underground section there was found to be more viable given the costs of property acquisition and rehabilitation costs needed for the elevated stretch. Experts, however, stick to BMRCL’s stand on this and say that an underground stretch at that spot, given the flyovers and other structures was not viable.
“There are already existing foundations laid for flyover and the elevated road, which makes it extremely difficult to have an underground section,” Venkata Rao said.