YPD2 sinks faster than its first outing

YPD2 sinks faster than its first outing

Yamla Pagla Deewana 2
Hindi (U/A)**
Cast: Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol
Director: Sangeeth Sivan

Papa Deol Dharmendra is a con godman who thrives on his title “Yamla Pagla Deewana baba”. Younger son Bobby assists dad in fleecing devotees in Varanasi while elder son Deol Sunny is still doing “dhai kilo ka haath” business in London. Only that Sunny is a sardar with a golden heart. A little heavy too. The heart shatters bottles with its jumbo beats and almost dances out of Sunny’s shirt when he meets his girl (Kristina Akheeva).
The YPD franchise, however, is to be taken lightly despite Sunny’s “high-handedness”.

The first part was all fluffy and the sequel, too, doesn’t take itself seriously. But it requires a lot more than an orange ape and a Johnny Lever (in a Shahrukh Khan gear) to make the movie work. So YPD2 sinks faster than the baddies who come crashing down after meeting Sunny Deol’s million-dollar haath.

Coming to the story, the dad-son duo dupes a London moneybag (Annu Kapoor) into striking a matrimonial alliance. Turns out Kapoor’s daughter Neha Sharma is an airhead too, who goes crazy about all things Salman. So Bobby resorts to some dabangg-giri to win over the rich heiress. As the drama progresses, Sunny Deol  shows up, putting a spanner in the love story.

In the meantime, we get to see an orangutan named Einstein who keeps reading “Understanding Humans”, an Anupam Kher in a spacesuit who is all set to build a universal mall, and a Johnny Lever with a Don syndrome. And all this while, Sunny Deol makes the best use of his fist, sending a planetful of villains into outer space.
The gags are stale and the humour forced. And the Deols warn us of a third instalment. Please, good old Dharmendra deserves a better outing.