No residue of chemical substance in J&K cricketer's bag: Report

No residue of chemical substance in J&K cricketer's bag: Report

Thus it has clearly absolved the cricketer of any wrongdoing and affirmed that the explosive detecting gadget had erroneously indicated the presence of weapons in his bag.
The equipment had created a ruckus at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium when its antenna started indicating the presence of explosives in Rasool’s bag on October 17.

Rasool was subsequently questioned by the police who let him free after verifying his antecedents. It was later found that a technical snag in the equipment had created all the fuss.
The equipment was used by an officer of Micro Sec ATS, the firm overseeing security arrangements at the stadium, who had insisted on the authenticity of its signals. Consequently, the police had sent the kit bag for examination at the FSL.

The report, however, asserts that ‘Diisoctyl phthalate (DIOP), used as a plasticiser to make soft and flexible PVC, was found to be present both inside and the plastic pouch of the bag’.

It is clear, the report says, that if the residues were of C4 plastic explosive type, then both the RDX and plasticiser would be present in the ratio of 92-96 pc and 9-4 pc respectively. But no C4 profile was found as such. The presence of DIOP could have either come from the plastic pouch or from other sources as contaminant, it adds.

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