Thankful for all their experiences

Thankful for all their experiences

Thankful for all their experiences

RV College of Engineering hosted a convocation ceremony for the golden jubilee batch on its college premises recently. The formal part of the event was presided over by A Sivathanu Pillai, CEO and MD of Brahmos Aerospace, who was the chief guest. There were also dignitaries from the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust. The event saw a mix of emotions.

Recollecting the different moments of college life, students shared their experiences. “College life was indeed four years of fun and slogging. It culminated in this wonderful ceremony, where we received our degree certificates in front of our family and professors,” says Nishant Savio, from the industrial engineering and management department.

“I am grateful to the institute for giving me a solid plinth on which I can construct an excellent career path,” adds Nishant. He says that even 50 years after being established, the institute is still one of the best engineering colleges.

“Anyone associated with this graduating batch — the teachers, support staff, mentors, guides and our friends and family — will be overwhelmed by this experience,” he adds.

Ashutosh Srivatsava, from the electrical engineering stream, describes college as being ‘a splendid learning experience’. “Graduating from a prestigious institution like RVCE is an accomplishment and I am proud to be an RV-ite,” he says.

Pranav Kartik, a computer science engineering student, says, “The rain tried playing spoilsport with the event. But thankfully, that didn’t happen. The event was a fulfilling experience that I worked towards for the last four years. I got to share it with my dearest ones”.

Talking about how the college has helped her grow as a person, Nupur Bhade, a telecommunications engineering student, says, “The kind of obstacles I faced through my course have readied me to take on any task with ease. The college makes it a point to recognise and encourage people participating in extracurricular activities and sports, which helps in the total development of an individual.” She adds that she is happy that she has graduated and feels that she’s taken a big step in her life.

Banushree Kumar, a bio-technology student, feels that her journey through college was a wonderful one. “I was in the debating team and I got to travel and make a lot of friends because of that. The institute provides top-class education. A lot of research goes into the different assignments and projects,” she elaborates.

Banushree adds, “I’m excited about moving to a new world of opportunities, but I am emotional about le­a­ving behind friends. The se­n­se of discipline that I got at RV­CE will help me on the pr­ofessional front. The college has increased my confidence level.”