September shower spell to continue

September shower spell to continue

Four districts in the region has received more than double the average rainfall

The forecast of more than average rainfall over South Interior Karnataka in September has turned out to be accurate, with the region receiving good rainfall during the month.

Though the rains were responsible for small scale destruction in parts of Chamarajanagar district, for other parts of the region it has turned out to be a pleasant affair.

Rainfall forecast for the next five days in the region predicts the spell of rains to continue.
Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Chamarajanagar districts, in the month of September has received almost twice the amount of average rainfall. Mysore, Mandya and Chamarajanagar districts, which until the end of August were listed among the districts with less than average rainfall, has now more than made up to the deficiency.


The monsoon season which started strongly this year, weakened in the month of August, which resulted in a surge in temperatures experienced during the month.

Rainfall picked up early in September and has continued in intensity in the second half of the month too.

According to rainfall observations by Karnataka State Disaster Monitoring Cell (KSDMC) Mysore district received rainfall of 92.5 mm till September 17, as against the normal average of 45.1 mm during the month.

This was a deviation of 105 percent, which is expected to dip temperatures further.
Similar deviations were observed in Mandya, Chamarajanagar and Hassan districts during the month.

While Hassan received 136 mm of rainfall as against an average of 49.3 mm till September 17, Mandya received 174.6 mm of rainfall against an average of 54.1 mm.

Chamarajanagar received 140.4 mm against the average of 57.4 mm. Percentage deviation of rainfall in Hassan, Mandya and Chamarajanagar till September 17 was 176, 223 and 145 per cent respectively.


The period of good rainfall in the region is expected to continue in the next few days. KSNMDC forecasts rainfall to be widespread around Mysore and Mandya districts, with rainfall of more than 30 mm in each of the next few days.

In Hassan and Chamarajanagar however, rainfall will continue, but with a reduction in intensity.