Vidya-Arantxa claim gold

 Vidya Pillai and Arantxa Sanchis clinched the Team Championship gold in IBSF World 6-red Snooker Championship at Carlow, Ireland, on Sunday.

Vidya and Arantxa, although generations apart, teamed up brilliantly to defeat the Hong Kong pair of Ng On Yee and So Man You 3-2 (23-74, 68-41, 51-46, 4-64, 55-36) to wrap up a stunning campaign for the Indians.

Earlier, Chitra Magimairaj and Varsha Sanjeev secured a bronze medal in the team championship after going down 0-2 to On yee and Man You. There was good news in the men’s competition too with Shivam Arora bagging a bronze as well after losing 2-5 in the singles semifinal to Duane Jones.

Results (Indians only): Men: Individual championship, semifinals: Shivam Arora lt to Duane Jones (Wal) 5-2 (55-14, 0-43, 16-33, 38-6, 27-36, 22-36, 1-39).

Quarterfinals: Shivam Arora bt Krzyztof Wro Bel (Pol) 5-4 (55-24, 0-65, 0-47, 29-33, 49-14, 36-31, 50-13, 10-42, 59-0).

Women: Team championship, final: Vidya Pillai/ Arantxa Sanchis bt Ng On Yee/ So Man You (HK) 3-2 (23-74, 68-41, 51-46, 4-64, 55-36).

Semifinals: Vidya Pillai/ Arantxa Sanchis bt Hannah Jones/ Maria Catalano 2-1 (62-25, 50-70, 66-19); Chitra Magimairaj/ Varsha Sanjeev lt to Ng On Yee/ So Man You (HK) 0-2 (24-63, 28-55).

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