Nowhere to go!

Nowhere to go!

Love is blind, they say. You’d find lovers huddled together in dimly light corners of restaurants, hanging out in malls and multiplexes... but without doubt parks in the City offer them the much needed privacy.

Time isn’t enough for these couples to express their love for each other, talk endlessly and of course dream together. Time must ideally stand still. The hustle and bustle of the City disturb their peace and calm. So these couples realise that parks in the City provide that much personal place. Bearing the name ‘Lover’s Paradise’, parks have been giving room to these couples to spend time together.

But certain parks in residential layouts have restricted the entry of couples because the residents have raised objections to this effect. “We never hit parks. We meet in college and at malls. During holidays, restaurants are an ideal place for us. We even ride off Nandi Hills on a bike. ‘Meke Datu’ is also one of our favourite getaways,” says Vinayak, an engineering student.

Ajay Bhat, who holds a government job, is all set to intimate his parents about his lady love whom he has been dating for the last three years. They are regulars at multiplexes and ‘Ice Thunder’ in Gandhi Bazaar. “I first proposed to her at ‘Ice Thunder’, hence the place is dear to us. ‘Forum’ is where we watch movies. For water sports, we would  go straight to Wonder La,” says Ajay.

Atrinandan Bharadhwaj, a share trader with India Infoline, recalls that, on their first date, he wanted to buy his girlfriend a gift. After much persuasion, she did like a tee but Atrinandan didn’t have enough money. “She is an understanding person and knows my constraints. That’s what I like best about her. So we settled in for an ice cream and since then ice cream joints have been our favourite places,” he says.

While parks are still preferred. The restrictions that some parks in City have brought in have made couples to move on to malls, cinema theatres, multiplexes, restaurants. It all depends on how much time they have to spend together and what their pockets can afford.