The time for gifting

The time for gifting

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The time for gifting

The malls and stores in the City are busy catering to customers as many Bangaloreans are purchasing gifts for Christmas.

While some people are gifting home decor items to friends and family, others are making things for their near and dear ones themselves.

With attractive gifts on sale all over shops and malls, people in the City are spoilt for choice. Elina, a professional, likes to gift things, that she has made, to her family and friends.

“Christmas is very special for my family. We celebrate it in a big way and hence, exchanging gifts is essential. Every year, I try to make something for my close friends and family during Christmas.

This year too, I plan to make scented candles for them. I love making these small things for them as this is a great way of expressing myself. I plan to pack these items and gift it to them during Christmas,” she says.

Stores across the City have come up with different kinds of offers for the season to make the choice easier for customers.

Naresh, the store manager of a popular bookstore, explains that along with a host of gift items like pens, stationery and toys for children, they also have gift coupons and vouchers.

“The concept of gift coupons and vouchers has become popular. Gifting vouchers on special occasions has its own advantages and we get many orders for these gift vouchers during the festive season,” he explains.

Gifting chocolate boxes and hampers is the flavour of the season, with different stores offering custom-made chocolate hampers and gift boxes.

   Many prefer to opt for a box of chocolates more than anything else.

“I have ordered for custom-made chocolates in pretty boxes this season. I may add other things and gift them to my relatives and friends. I chose chocolates
as they are everyone’s favourite.

Home-made chocolates are very popular and there are many flavours to choose from. Bangalore now has many vendors and youngsters who make wonderful chocolates. It is a great option,” says Minita, a student.

While some plan to gift luxury items to their family, others want to give presents which are useful.

Sunil, a professional, says that he believes in gifting things which are useful.
“I plan to buy some winter wear for my family members this year as they can use it this season. Festivals like Christmas give us an opportunity to express ourselves to our near and dear ones. I like this concept of exchanging gifts during the festivals,” he notes.

Gifting is no longer a difficult proposition as there are varied options ranging from clothes, books, home decor, toys to even e-shopping. Many feel it’s all
about choosing the right present for friends and family.