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Successful people all over the world believe in the philosophy of ‘No Pain No Gain.’ There is a belief that without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes, hence he who wishes to prosper must endure the sufferings.

Each one of us has our own experiences of pain or sufferings but many of us are unaware that there is a vast difference between inner pain and physical (outer) pain, of which the latter can easily be treated with a variety of available medications. But what about the pain within? To understand it, we must first find the root cause of it.

Many of us may deny it as emerging from the back of our mind, but in reality it’s the ego that’s the hidden culprit. This three-letter word with immense consequence is the primary reason for our inner pain. 

This EGO is caused when we  ‘emit God from our life’. Underneath ego, we completely lose our identity and connection with the inner being. The only way to regain that lost identity and inner well-being is through self-introspection, which very few of us venture to explore.

Another important factor that creates inner pain is ‘discontentment.’ Yes. It is subtle, but it does great psychological damage within us. We live in a competitive world wherein we are constantly under some or the other kind of complexities. 

For example, “I need to wear the higher branded watch than my colleague or I must have a bigger car than my neighbour, etc...” Even after acquiring things that we desire, we might feel satiated temporarily, because we would never be at peace with our inner self and the world around us, until we are contented. So what is the solution? Can we create a new scenario? Of course, we can.

The simple technique for this is to look within instead of looking outside, and discover the treasure of inner happiness through regular practice of deep silence. 

We must see our own worth and feel the goodness within. All of us have within ourselves this state of goodness, it’s just a matter of recreating our mindset by which we can recognise our own value and discover contentment.

By reorienting our mindset and way of thinking, we can achieve inner contentment and joy, which in turn would create a positive impact on our relationship with others, thereby making us more creative and productive.

The more we come back to our original state of being, which is that of pure love and peace, the easier will it be for us to connect to the supreme source. 

By connecting with supreme, we can draw powers of peace, love and truth and then share it with others around us, thereby bringing peace within self and  the world. 

So let’s embark on this wonderful journey of discovering the new self, feeling very light and banish all mental agony.

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