A fresh approach to acting

A fresh approach  to acting

Even after all these years in the film industry, Telugu actor Venkatesh prefers to look at every new project as a new beginning. He confesses that he doesn’t know what it is like to get bored about something he is passionate about — acting. “I don’t think you will ever get bored if you work sincerely and look at everyday as your very first day,” says Venkatesh.

He’s one of those who few actors who doesn’t wear his attitude on his sleeve. During his recent visit to the City for the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), he did all that he could to make sure he cheered the boys in his team.

As for his films, Venkatesh’s pool of projects shows that he never tires of experimenting. He is currently shooting for ‘Radha’ in Telugu which is touted to be a political thriller, where Venkatesh will play the role of the Home Minister. “It is a political drama with a love story. Quite unimaginable isn’t it? But the film captures both romance and action in equal measure,” he says.

Venkatesh hopes to play the role of Paresh Rawal in the Telugu remake of ‘Oh My God’, “I don’t want to play God in the movie, I would rather go for Paresh’s character in the original because that character has a definite message to convey about religion. I would like to look at religion through the eyes of a common man,” he feels.

Amidst his rather tight shooting schedule, Venkatesh took time off to watch Mohanlal-starrer Drishyam and was thoroughly impressed with the film. He will be playing the lead in the Telugu remake of Drishyam. “It is a universal subject that has been narrated in a powerful way,” he notes. The actor is also contemplating working on a silent movie someday.  “That’s something I’ve never really tried before,” he quips.

The actor doesn’t look his age and owes this to his right eating habits. “I eat right. I don’t refrain from eating what I like. Instead I eat everything in moderation,” he signs off. 

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