A techno-cultural extravaganza

A techno-cultural extravaganza


The students of PESIT University held their annual techno-cultural fest AatmaTrisha on the campus recently. The two-day fest saw popular singer Anushka Manchanda enthral the audience with her energetic and peppy numbers.

The students had a great time as they participated in various competitions that had been planned for them. The theme of the fest was ‘Colours of India’ and every aspect of the fest reflected the diverse culture of the country.

The cultural and technological fiesta stimulated both the creative and technical instincts of students. The entire team worked hard towards making the fest a thriving platform for intellectual as well as artistic activities and it was a great success.

The two-day cultural and technological extravaganza included events such as dance competitions, ‘Quotient Quiz Club’, ‘Pixels photography club’, ‘Mad-Ads’ and street play. The three dance teams of the university namely Sanskriti, Pulse and Trance performed at the fest.

There was also a street play by the troupe Nautanki. “The technical teams like Pace, Haya and Aeolus; literary teams – Papyrus and Éclat; and the social responsibility group ‘iCare’, contributed a lot to the fest.

The organising team of the fest worked very hard to make the event a successful one. We started the work in advance so that everything was on schedule. Most of the work was done by the students and the various teams like marketing, publicity, organising committee worked on different aspects of the fest like marketing, publicity, getting sponsors, managing the crowd etc. We managed everything on our own and the teachers guided us in case of problems,” said Sathvi, a student.

The fest saw students from different engineering as well as arts and science colleges participate in it. Other than different events, food and art were the highlights of the fest. The campus had been decked keeping the theme in mind and the students could be seen admiring the creativity.

“We had different types of events. While some were very technical in nature, others were fun and students had a great time participating in these. After all the events were over, we let our hair down and spent some time with friends during the performance of Anushka Manchanda.

It was very nostalgic for the final-year students as this is the last time that they will be a part of the fest and its activities,” said Shama, a student.