Exploring musical capabilities

Drum Jam

Exploring musical capabilities

The 10th edition of the community drum circle, ‘Community Drumjam X’ was held at the Rangoli Metro Art Center on MG Road recently.

Led by drummer Roberto Narain and singer Vasundhara Das, the session saw drumming enthusiasts trying their hand at percussion instruments. While the instruments were provided, some of them decided to bring along their own.

With age being no bar, children as young as three and four were seen drumming away.

Not far behind were senior citizens who also took part in the two-hour session enthusiastically.

Hula hooping and whistling to the rhythm, the participants ensured that they suspended themselves from reality.

“We want to communicate with people through rhythm, rather than words. Our idea is that anyone who has a heartbeat has rhythm. As a musician, when I go up on stage to perform, I feel that I connect with the audience at one level. But through these sessions, I am able to interact with them further,” said Vasundhara. 

Pointing out that in the world-wide movement, India scores over other countries, Vasundhara added, “If 50 people turn up in the United States of America or Australia, it’s considered a good number. However, we have about 400 to 500 people coming in for the event on an average. And the magic about it is that nearly every time we have new faces. Probably about 50 of them are the regular ones. And each time though the instruments are the same and the seating arrangement is the same, the music that comes out is so different. So are the energy levels,” she added.
For those interested in experimenting with their musical abilities, Vasundhara felt that this is what the drum jam sessions aims at.

“Nobody is being judged and they are free to come and explore their musical abilities. It’s a time that one can suspend himself from reality,” she explained. 

While some keenly participated, others chose to be spectators.

“I was passing by when I heard them. I was curious to see what’s happening. I am thinking of participating in it the next time. It’s looks like such a good stress-buster,” said Arvind, a member of the audience.

Rishabh, a student, who took part for a while said, “I’m an amateur drummer and I really enjoyed this session. I join the group whenever I can.”

Riya, who brought her children along, said, “This is an activity with a difference. My kids enjoy it and we come along every month. Now, I find the children drumming away at home as well.”

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