Sibal markets himself with 'Sibal factor' tag line now

Sibal markets himself with 'Sibal factor' tag line now

Sibal markets himself with 'Sibal factor' tag line now

Kapil Sibal, the Congress candidate from Chandni Chowk constituency, said during his padyatra on Tuesday that there is only “Sibal factor” in his constituency.

“Where is the Aam Aadmi Party? Neither is there any Modi wave here. I connect with people. Can’t you see that there is only Sibal factor here?” Sibal said pointing at a huge crowd thronging the street near Jama Masjid.

This is the third time Sibal is fighting the Lok Sabha elections from Chandni Chowk constituency. He won the last two terms. “My work shows what I have done for people. Neither BJP nor AAP is my concern,” Sibal added.

As the Congress leader dismissed claims of a triangular electoral fight, a party supporter’s anti-BJP slogans boomed on the loudspeaker. 

Addressing Sibal as “Chandni Chowk ka chand”, the supporter launched a direct attack on AAP candidate Ashutosh, alerting voters to be beware of the “jhaduwala”.

The campaign, which started from Jama Masjid, continued through Dujana House, Chooriwalan, Sarak Prem Narayan and Kali Masjid, drawing an enthusiastic crowd to the “familiar face” in the constituency. 

As Shahid, who runs a gym in the area, jostled with the crowd to shake hands with Sibal, he said, “Sibal saab has seen to the water problem in the area. There is no scarcity of water here anymore.” 

“But this time, he (Sibal) will face stiff competition from BJP and AAP,” he added.

While 26-year-old Anas, who was seen enthusiastically following the trail and clicking Sibal’s photos, said he wasn’t sure if Sibal was the “right candidate”, Rashita Begum, a resident of Turkman Gate, said the “hand symbol’s” win is assured.

As Sibal’s vehicle entered Suiwalan Main Bazaar, the crowd swelled. 

Some residents garlanded him and passed boxes of sweets, and a few others approached him to remind him of their requests to upgrade cleanliness in the area.

“Even with a little rainfall, there is water logging in the area. Also, the garbage dumps are a menace,” a resident of Sita Ram Bazaar said. 

At Delhi Gate Bazaar, shopkeepers called out to each other in jest, “Is this his (Sibal’s) first visit in five or 10 years?” as the Congressman’s vehicle passed the area.

“Last week, Mrs Sibal was seen campaigning in the area. We asked the party workers where the candidate is. This is the first in five years that he has shown up. AAP looks like the only alternative,” said Amir Ahmed, who runs a jewellery store in the area.

As the campaign trail concluded near Delhi Gate, Sibal got down from his vehicle to talk to shopkeepers in the area.

“His shaking hands with us will not solve the problems we have been facing for years now. Only BJP can save the nation now. There is no point in voting for a candidate who doesn’t visit his constituency,” said a stationery shop owner, requesting anonymity.   

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