Food to patients in govt hospitals dominates KDP meet

Food to patients in govt hospitals dominates KDP meet

KDP meet in progress at NR Pura on Friday.DH photo

President M S Jayaprakash said that district health officers had said that food will be provided to the patients, during a meeting convened by the MLA but nothing has been done in this regard despite a month passing by.

Responding to this, health officials said that the programme will have to be implemented after calling for a tender.

Vice-President Mallika Naveen said that the health officials have submitted a false report saying that the ANM at Melpal village has not been working properly, misunderstanding a demand to deploy her to any hospital as she is about to be retired and hence cannot work as efficiently as she used to work earlier. She said that the report must be corrected.

Women and Child Welfare Department Officer Krishnappa said that a sum of Rs 10 lakh has been sanctioned for construction of Stree Shakti Bhavan and the works of the same will have to be completed by March end.

Some members said that the food being provided to Anganwadi children is not good and this will have adverse affect on the health of the children. The house decided to bring this to the notice of the higher ups and demand them not to supply such food to children and in case any untoward incident occurs then the officials will be held responsible.

Jayaprakash instructed the officials to direct the Anganwadi workers not to use mobile during working hours as many members complained that most of the Anganwadi teachers are found waste time over mobile than teaching children.

Revenue official Lokeshappa said that polling booths will be put up at Taluk Panchayat officer for TP members, Town Panchayat for the respective members and at Gram Panchayats for GP members to cast their votes for the Legislative Council elections to be held on December 18.

Jayaprakash said that since GP elections are approaching the development funds must not be used for any other purpose baring drinking water projects. He said that in case the funds are utilised for any other purpose then the respective GP Secretaries will be held responsible for the same.